The Maldives imports a majority of its requirements, particularly food, fuel, and capital goods. VSTC imports and trades in diesel, lubricants, LPG, and other miscellaneous items including provisions for resorts and marine engine parts. Cement and petrol used to be traded until June 1996 when lack of storage space forced VSTC to discontinue. For most goods, VSTC's dominant competitor is the Government-owned State Trading Organisation (STO), which imports a large variety of goods into Maldives and is the agency implementing government policy on the trade of essential goods.

Villa Hakatha

Villa Hakatha has set up a state of the art storage infrastructure which include Liquid Petroleum Gas Horton spheres, Oil Tanks, Cement Silos, Bonded Warehouses and also a Roofing Factory.

Encouraged by its success in trade and with an aim to tap into the potential of this segment, Villa Group is setting up a world class storage infrastructure at Thilafushi Island with the following facilities:

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