Transport & Shipping

VSTC has signed an Agreement with the Government of Maldives for the construction and operation of a domestic airport at Maamigili Island in South Ari Atoll to facilitate convenient transfer of tourists, particularly those arriving by night flights. The airport is expected to be complete by 2005. Shipping Fleet VSTC owns and operates two cargo ships, five oil tankers, two refer vessels, three barges and tug boats. VSTC has been streamlining its shipping activities and has reduced its fleet size from 13 in 1993 to 8. The remaining ships will VSTC an edge in the distribution of traded goods.

Villa Group owns and operates a fleet of 28 high speed power boats and 60 powered Dhonies (mechanized wooden boats) to attend to the transportation needs requirements of all the guests of Villa Hotels. Also the service handles excursions and transportation of goods to the resorts.

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